I'm reading a romance with a underwear model-wounded warrior-billionaire-just regular Kiwi Joe hero. I think that covers everything?

@willaful Gosh, that's quite a laundry list. I bet he is also woke and sensitive.

@willaful Heh! Manly about sensitivity and wokeness. Good to know. I find so many tweets being lifted wholesale into books (historicals and contemporaries) these days.

@keirasoleore Actually, the sensitiveness and consent is quite well done. There, but believably so. You don't get the feeling that he's being punished for every terrible thing any man has ever done.


@willaful I am glad to hear about it. Just a few days ago, I read a book where the man was constantly made to feel that he was not sensitive enough or woke enough. I felt that he was put down a lot and he kept being humble. A woman doesn't have to be shown as a strong person by putting a man down. They can both be strong and assertive and have their own ideas and values.

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