On some days, I wonder why I ever blog. There are visitors, most definitely, but no one comments. It is like shouting into the void, and it is disheartening. Some bloggers always get comments no matter what they write, and some, like me, rarely, and these days, never. Sometimes I do wonder that if I stopped, no one would even miss it, and that is just sad. Then I remind myself that I blog because I enjoy it, which is a very valid reason to blog. You just wish people would comment...

@keirasoleore Yeah, it sucks. It's so hard to get interaction going away from Those Places.


@willaful You are right, it is so hard to get interaction for small blogs, but some people manage to get some. It is disheartening to get none, so I always try my best to comment, unless I get no replies to my comments repeatedly, then I stop commenting.

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