Two years ago, I had a marvelous conversation with the lovely Jennifer Kloester, Georgette Heyer’s official biographer, for USA Today HEA. I am delighted that the podcast Heyer Today by Fable Gazers is featuring that interview on their blog now.

@keirasoleore how great is Heyer Today?? I've been a hardcore Heyer fan since I was about 12...but with so few awesome Heyer things about - (nuts when you think about how many people are complete devotees of her work...) I tend to get way over-excited about anything remotely connected to her. But the podcast SO well done - and they consistently verbalise the same character-related-feels that I have always had...VERY restorative of my faith in humanity - I mean if we can agree on Heyer... right?!


@valancy I am SO excited to meet a fellow Heyer enthusiast. I also think the podcast is superb and the interviewer/host is a very good interviewer. I have listened to all six episodes now, but I love how much Stephen Fry GUSHES over Heyer.

These Old Shades was my first Heyer, and I read it as a teen. And I simply fell in love with the historicals sub-genre.

@keirasoleore Isn't it just so great?? So...Favourite Heyers? These Old Shades was also my first read...but I also loved Venetia and Frederica (they are in my top 5 favourites) Arabella was very Austen-y which was great - but otherwise it generally rotated - Masqueraders, Convenient Marriage, Lady of Quality, Grand Sophy, Devil's Cub....But then I would read Sylvester and Black Sheep and The Corinthian and the Nonesuch.... they are ALL SO GOOD! I can never choose! lol

@valancy I agree with your choices. I also liked Faro's Daughter, because the heroine had so much agency. I think that is why I like Heyer so much. Her heroines had agency and courage and a good heart. Unlike Mary Burchell, for example, many of Heyer's contemporaries had clingy damsels-in-distress type heroines.

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