Good morning from NorCal everyone. I hope you're well

@cjewel Feeling kind of blue, but keeping my head above water.

@willaful I'm so sorry about that, but it's good you're doing OK. Here the weather is perfect; overcast and cool. Hope you get your fav weather too.

@lauravivanco you too.

I like your L. I have some clips with Ws in similar style.

@lauravivanco It took me a bit to get used to it. Every time I didn't see the yellow, I was like: Who? But I am a fan of medieval manuscript illuminations, so any print artifacts are a fave. Love it! @willaful

@keirasoleore @willaful It's surprising to me too! I catch a glimpse of the red out of the corner of my eye sometimes and wonder what's going on. Hopefully this avatar will start to feel more normal soon. And I'm not planning to make another change!

@ros Thanks! Some others I saw were very tempting, but they were the wrong shape to work as an avatar, or looked better at a larger size etc. This one felt like baby bear's porridge.

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