@MissBates I keep meaning to ask you -- we need to buy our Montreal tickets. Do you know of any reason we should arrive earlier than 7/20 or stay later than 7/26?

@willaful Hmm, not that I know of, depends on what you guys like to do. Here's a listening of July events:

I'm a bit of hermit, so I don't do well in crowds. But if the weather is nice, Montreal is lovely, it's a strolling city.

@MissBates The hotel is quite close to Mount Royal park, which sounds awesome.

@MissBates It looks like we have to come a week earlier and see the Backstreet Boys. 🤣


@willaful Don't count me in. 😉 It's too bad you're not here for the JazzFest: that's always fun.

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