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My friend came by to drop off lots of clothes for my daughter and I to try on. (She's cleaning out her mom's stuff.) We're pretty much the same size, so I hope we don't fight over anything. πŸ˜‰

@VaVeros So I wound up reading the Lucy Knisley books out of order, and I read the pregnancy book early on, a while ago.

And then recently I read the books in which she breaks up with her boyfriend because she wanted kids and he didn't. And they still seemed to be so much in love, and he seemed so familiar to me, I was really hoping so hard he turned out to be the guy she had married and had a kid with.

And I was so happy when it was. 😍

I sent my family out for a walk and they're having such a good talk now and my daughter told me she feels at peace. (Yes, I'm a tiny bit jealous, too. ☺️ )

Not having the best day, but I'm grateful for a good conversation with my daughter. She's not always very communicative so I treasure when she is.

I don't want to be grateful for privilege, because gross, but I'm grateful circumstances allowed me to protest in relative safety today and I just wish that were true for everyone.

So grateful for the resources we have now to get my mom food even from miles away. She wanted to go out shopping because my sister only shops at certain stores, and my mom is an old hippie and can't stand most processed food, but doesn't want to be a burden.

So grateful to be able to connect with people online. It makes the situation so much more bearable.

Playing Dixit with friends online. The clue is "creepy." πŸ™„

I'm reading _Belinda_ by Maria Edgeworth for a challenge, and it's pretty fascinating because I think it's the early ancestor of a lot of romance. But it doesn't have anything like the beats of romance as we know it, which is rather frustrating.

The love interest inadvertently insults the heroine and instead of dwelling on her pain and mortification, we get two chapters of her frivolous sponsor's tragically ridiculous life story.

A second ride today. Although I'm still uncertain on my bike, I'm much less agoraphobic than I am walking, lately. Lately I'll barely move from our block unless a family member is with it.

I went for a bike ride! 🚲 I've felt very unsteady and tense on my bike since my surgery, and adding a mask didn't seem likely to help, but I needed the feel of movement so badly.

I think if I can keep up with it, I'll start to feel more comfortable again.

I thought it was young adult. no one told me Sarah Maas was channeling Lora Leigh. 😯

Oh my. Sitting enjoying some chips and guac with my family when suddenly my book gets... intense. ☺️☺️ 😊 😏

me: we can our return our library books!

me: oh crap, I have to read them all first.

I picked a bad one to start with - Displacement by Lucy Knisley. She's taking her very elderly grandparents on a cruise on a ship with norovirus. 🀒

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recurring themes in my reading: paternity discoveries, diamonds as a metaphor for stars, the sound of one hand clapping.

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