I went for a bike ride! 🚲 I've felt very unsteady and tense on my bike since my surgery, and adding a mask didn't seem likely to help, but I needed the feel of movement so badly.

I think if I can keep up with it, I'll start to feel more comfortable again.

I thought it was young adult. no one told me Sarah Maas was channeling Lora Leigh. 😯

Oh my. Sitting enjoying some chips and guac with my family when suddenly my book gets... intense. ☺️☺️ 😊 😏

me: we can our return our library books!

me: oh crap, I have to read them all first.

I picked a bad one to start with - Displacement by Lucy Knisley. She's taking her very elderly grandparents on a cruise on a ship with norovirus. 🤢

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recurring themes in my reading: paternity discoveries, diamonds as a metaphor for stars, the sound of one hand clapping.

For the past several days I've been able to see the moon from my couch.

To be completely honest, the thing I'm most grateful for today is chocolate. Though BLTs are a close second.

Grateful that my friend with lupus was finally able to get her medication. (Yeah, that one.) She's been in considerable pain.

My kid watched "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" with us and loved it. I'm a little sorry we didn't take her to see John Cameron Mitchell with us. Then again, the tickets were an anniversary present from my mom.

Today was good. They can't all be good, apparently, but at least today was good.

Having trouble thinking of anything today. Umm.... my instant pot rice pudding came out well.

My mom is such an introvert, that now she has wifi and can work from home and get new books on her ereader, she is happy as a pig in shit. I hate that I can't see her but at least I don't have to worry much.

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