I got a package from Target today of.... Hatchimals? Not sure if someone completely forgot how old Thea is or if I ordered them while on Ambien.

we got a "Bror" at Ikea and I'm going to be singing "and you're going to hear me broar" all the way home.

Friends, I was Ruby Keeler tonight. I *killed*. kind of hoping my teacher will decide to let me go solo for the show.

at dress rehearsal for my recital. my teacher, who is the other Shark in West side story, is sick. I'm going to be a lone shark.

Thea did the girliest thing ever today.... she *changed purses.*

I didn't start doing that til I was 50!

My husband was on hold for 90 minutes today to change our snap appointment because Thea needs to see the oral surgeon today. And we were told they can only give you ONE appointment, so we would have to call back and wait for God knows how long to talk to someone.

I'm sure people who really need food stamps have all this free time on their hands to do that!

Maybe this is a new version of Parkinson's law. Motherhood expands to fill the energy available.

Robert Sheckley wrote a story in which a man was warned of danger by some kind of supernatural force, and then it turned out that having that protection somehow meant danger was more attracted to him than before and he was constantly in jeopardy.

I feel like that with my renewed energy. Something always happens to use it up.

This thought brought to you by Thea needing an urgent visit with an oral surgeon tomorrow.

Read _Lord of Secrets_ by Alyssa Everett. There are the bones of a good story here, but unfortunately most of the actual book is repetitive, wangsty internal monologues. And it's one of those "no-secret secrets," at least to anyone who's read romance for awhile, which made it even more frustrating and boring.

A better job (from the vantage point of me years ago, so who knows really): Liz Carlyle, _The Devil You Know_.

Just had a fun idea for an in-joke for my Shark costume -- wear a Lin-Manual Miranda tee. A shame I don't have one in red.

Had to get up at 7:30 to rehearse with the Intermediate class. 😴 👯 If I'm ever good enough for that class, it will be a real conundrum. My two passions: ballet and sleeping in.

I should make it clear, we are *not* those who have less. And we will cope fine if she doesn't get benefits, at least for now. It's the long term that worries me.

Trying to find out more about benefits for Thea. SSI is set up to penalize those who have less and reward those who have more. It's the most American thing ever.

We have our kitchen back, albeit unfinished and cluttered AF, and Thea has been sleeping in the studio for several days. Every time I pass by her room with its stripped bed, I want to cry a little.

I need a cookbook called _Three Line Instantpot Recipes for Spoonless People_.

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Loved the short stories in _Dil or No Dil_ by Suleikha Snyder. The prose is so sharp and vivid, the stories are like tiny, delicious hors d'ouvers - I wanted more and was perfectly satisfied at the same time. The two novellas were less interesting.

my poor kid got my cold, so I think Thanksgiving family worries have taken care of themselves...we can't go near my infant nephew. it's a bummer though, because my husband adores Thanksgiving and I'm not sure what we can do now. even my mom has plans! 😮

I finished _Gilded Cage by K.J. Charles and find myself a touch disappointed. It was well-written, of course, and often funny. Great dialogue. And Susan is as tough and awesome as you'd expect. But Templeton Lane felt less interesting than I expected. He's trimmed down to size, made very vulnerable in the course of the story and never really stops. Might just be me.

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