This week's virtual potluck was much more satisfying. We've all gotten into the groove now.

a sentence I actually just said: "I'm cold. I need my feet whales."

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We had a virtual potluck and it just made me feel incredibly lonely.

Just had a nice shout with my neighbor across the street.

Well, how irritating. If I still had Kindle Unlimited, I could read Carla Kelly's _Summer Campaign_, my book, in ebook.

Now that I'm baking so much, and usually halving the recipes, it's very nice to have a resident math genius around. 😁

*How* am I still getting Hamilton lottery notifications?!

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In happier news - that billionaire/underwear model hero I'm reading.

I missed the fact that's he's also SCOTTISH!

How can I give up Kindle Unlimited? I have to read all of Rosalind James's books now! And do some kind of bracket.

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Per request, please use content warnings on pandemic posts. thanks!

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Trying to finish my Godlike/Average Joe romance before my Kindle Unlimited runs out in 3 days, but it's not holding my attention that well in this stressful time.

I'm reading a romance with a underwear model-wounded warrior-billionaire-just regular Kiwi Joe hero. I think that covers everything?

March 5, 1986... me and a guy I liked walked off campus and went to see "Stop Making Sense."

5 years later, we played "Heaven" for our first dance at our wedding.

Now, 34 years later, we're watching it streaming while eating Chinese food.

Gah, we're finally getting an LGBTQ family camp session nearby and I don't know whether to sign up or not, with everything so chaotic and uncertain. 🤨

overdrive now lets you suspend a hold when it comes in! I've lost my favorite whine!

That feeling when you discover a *huge* chunk of your audiobook got missed and you didn't even notice.

So. Do I tell my daughter about Bernie Sanders using anti-vaxxer Marianne Williamson as a surrogate or let her live in peaceful ignorance since we already voted?

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