sometime rode a bike right into the laundromat and down an aisle. and I never saw him ride back out. 🤔

I was about to check out an audiobook but I listened to the sample first and the male narrator sounds exactly like Eric Idle doing a Monty Python characters. So print it is.

Read _The Moon for Lavinia_ by Betty Neels, which @MissBates recently reviewed. I'm not really a Betty fan - a Bettina? Jerseyite? -- but I think I enjoyed this more than any other I've tried. Convenient marriage angst is always fun. And the hero is less oblique than usual for her.

Good vibes requested for my stepsis, getting induced tomorrow. (No Canadian Thanksgiving baby, alas, but healthy mom and healthy baby is all that's required.)

Dammit! I can't put a candle in the window for my husband, because it's packed away.

I turned on my Ikea star lights instead. Better than nothing.

Sad to report that wound up on my "sequels that I wish had never been written" list.

or in this case

though a *much* cooler way of looking at it is that they were born on Canadian Thanksgiving. c'mon, Lil baby, give us a reason to be Canadian thankful!

my kid was born on Columbus day, my nephew was born on Columbus day two years later and I'm really hoping my new nephew will be born tomorrow. especially since he was due Tuesday. 😯

_What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia_. So interesting.

I'm in such a romance slump. I think it may be because I'm reading such heavy books in general that I'm choosing very light romances as a break, and they're just not working for me. Maybe I need to pick something long and intense.

@valancy hey, so glad you joined us! how are you? whatcha reading? 😀

hub is on a plane to Helsinki and I'm having ice cream, my version of Lonely Gal's Margarita Mix for One.

Overdrive: Since your book on Jewish spirituality is not yet available, why not check out this book on Lesbian sex?

My kid is registered with disability services now, which means priority registration. And I keep flashing on this.

Finished _Unmarriageable_. It has a wonderful sense of place, and it was really fun to see how to characters translated to modern Pakistan. (Though it's set around 20 years ago.) The romance was very sweet and gives happy endings to just about everyone. (Who knew Mr. Collins could be good in the sack? 🤣 Fortunately, this is just alluded to, not depicted!)

there's a woman at the laundromat doing All The Laundry In The World. I'm grateful that we live so close I don't feel guilty doing just a load or two at a time.

halfway through _unmarriageable_, and my suspension of disbelief about the English teacher not noticing the huge parallels between her life and _pride and prejudice_ is being stretched to the breaking point.

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