gaslighting, abuse (fictional) Show more

gaslighting, abuse (fictional) Show more

We now know what the baby's name will be, so my son can stop obsessing over it. :-)

A romance heroine greeting her obvious hero as "Uncle Jack" is not pleasant.

sweet children's book themed baby shower for my stepsis today. son and I won a gift certificate for matching 37 out of 40 book titles with their first sentences. 🤗

All home safe and nothing major seems to have been left behind.

@azteclady this kept going through my head.

Watch "Big Sky" on YouTube

after a day of beautiful scenery, I got to walk in the rain. I've never liked Montana more.

you can only use this bathroom if you're disabled or some kind of tree-related superhero.

hub: "did you ever watch "the good place"?"

sil: "no."

son: "what a shame that some people waste their lives."

boy loves him some good place.

there's a wooden sculpture here that plays weird sound. hub finally figured out that it's a slowed down version of the "log" sing from "ren and stimpy." *boggle*

at the Yellowstone art museum. son's comments are so insightful. he's like my mom, just wants to look at a few things and really feel them.

much tenseness getting all five of us in the car, especially since we're all bigger than we used to be.

son: "this is like a terrible combination of 'my how you've grown' and a human Tetris game."

hub: "don't fit too closely or we'll disappear "

dinner was pizza with sides of fried mushrooms, fried green beans, fried macaroni and cheese and fried pickles. 😯

JMAW – Jewish Museum of the American West

just ran across this interesting site.

this is "the book cellar" in Billings. I wish I had anyone's wish list, because it's probably here.

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