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I don't know if we're at a place where we really need rules yet, but a simple guideline:

You don't have to limit yourself to romance topics here but racism, misogyny, homo- & trans- phobia will not be tolerated. And if it's a potentially sensitive post, please use the many tools mastodon provides us, like CWs and images that need to be clicked on to see.

My husband: "Funny how everything seems so different when you get back home from vacation. Like, I could've sworn that when we left, women had rights."

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My daughter: "Yay, sticker! It's the best part of voting."

my husband: "Yup, best part of democracy. Dictatorships don't give you stickers!"

Just reading a bit in a book about the mom of a transgender girl, where she goes to a meeting to learn how to support her daughter, and everyone there is so surprised and thrilled. Happens to me too. It's very depressing that we get so many cookies for just loving our kids. You're supposed to love your kids, damnit.

Huzzah, I *finally* got things arranged so my husband and I can discuss my daughter's care with her doctors. I know that it's a good thing that they legally have to protect her privacy, especially for a trans girl, but things have been so complicated since she turned 18! (This is absolutely what she wants, we're not going against her wishes! She doesn't feel able to cope with the medical stuff herself.)

Parental milestone: I went to bed last night without knowing if my daughter was home safe from her late night walk.

It's a quiet neighborhood and she's not an obvious target, but I worry she doesn't pay enough attention to her surroundings or have the street smarts to avoid risky situations.

I found a volunteer squash, of all things, growing in the backyard. I tried to transplant it but sadly I think the gophers had already found it, because there wasn't much root. :-(

Is there a name for Zoomers who were culturally indoctrinated by their Gen X parents?

This query brought to you by my daughter mixing brownies and singing, "you spin me right round baby right round."

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I found a cataloguing screw-up when borrowing a book from Open Library. Was poking around to figure out how to report it when I remembered... I could just fix it myself!

I put the "that's surely not a tomato plant" in a more shaded area, and it actually did turn into a tomato plant! I think I may also need to seed new cucumbers, even with protection they're not growing at all. I'm not used to it actually being Spring weather in Spring...

I wonder if I will have a simple request for information for my health insurance company that doesn't leave me helplessly crying afterwards.

I finally remembered there was a second season of "Everythings Going to Be Okay" on Hulu and watched the first two episiodes, and I wish I hadn't remembered. What absolute garbage.

_Ten Steps to Nanette_ is a fabulous antidote to my imposter syndrome around my autism diagnosis. Young Hannah was so much me.

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