The pandemic drove me back to twitter, now twitter is driving me back to mastadon.

just had a long, long swim. it'll be our last for goodness knows how long, so I sucked every last bit of enjoyment out if it.

okay, _you deserve each other_ cleaned up pretty well by the end. I still find the heroine's immature paranoid whimsy irritating, but it was a good portrait of learning to put effort into a relationship and understand each other's love languages.

the hero is quite a bit like my husband. 😍

praise God, seven hours into the audiobook, she's finally realized she's an asshole.

we're in an RV park with a pool! haven't gotten to enjoy water outside in so long. it wasn't crowded so I hope it wasn't a bad risk. we did stay clear of the packed hot tub.

_you deserve each other_ gets worse and worse. the heroine narrator is ghastly, constantly gaslighting the hero and refusing to consider his overtures towards reconciliation as anything but evil. I'm not sure what horrible things he's supposed to have done to make the title true; voted Republican, maybe.

my mom always find the wackiest dance videos...

Watch "Little Red Rooster - Christopher Bruce" on YouTube

I'm listening to _The Ninth House_, which is very gripping but I felt a need for something lighter, so I started _You Deserve Each Other_ and now I'm just depressed.

I'm reading _Slippery Creatures_ by K.J. Charles -- post WWI, a young bookseller gets involved in a Plot. Lovely writing, as usual.

Also _Spin the Dawn_, YA set in a mythological Asian country, a girl disguised as her brother is trying to win the post of Imperial Tailor.

What's everyone else reading?

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Recently discovered freecycle and I love it! It's so much easier to let something go when you know it's going to someone who really wants it. *And* I got some new jigsaw puzzles. πŸ™‚

Chuckling over someone remarking that they'd read a Hand Christian Anderson story and were really surprised at the sad ending. I have bad news for you.... 🀣

@herhandsmyhands Have you seen the new "Twilight Zone?" The episode "A Small Town" is somewhat relevant to your interests. πŸ™‚

My favorite review of the book on GoodReads: "Either send help or a man, for I have discovered my ovaries."

Read _Go to Sleep I Miss You_ by Lucy Knisley and immediately had to buy it for my sister. Another example of the power of libraries.

I thought it was really funny that she had my time travel fantasy, but in a different direction. She dreams of leaving her baby with her earlier self; I desperately want to go back in time and see my baby again (while giving my younger self a break.)

Just finished rereading _Murder on the Orient Express_. Dang, what a clever book. And unexpectedly sad, too.

I'm not surprised it's been dramatized more than her other books -- there's so much period detail, and such juicy parts. It's fascinating how time specific so much of it is. Monogrammed handkerchiefs, hat boxes, pipe cleaners - a clue that indicates a man, then but would these days indicated a 6 year old. ;-)

vibing the old lady from "Candide" today... I'm homesick for everywhere but here.

Got blood tests for me and my daughter done, finally. I was really anxious but they seemed to be taking all possible precautions.

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