TFW you search out the best instant pot soft boiled egg recipe but you're so spoiled by the instant pot you forget you need to turn it off until 15 minutes have passed and your perfect soft boiled eggs are decent hard boiled eggs.

Me: "Shall we untrim your tiny tree?"

Daughter: "Yes, but first I'm going to have myself a merry little breakfast."

I was just going to pick up my daughter after her trans support group when I saw she had texted to tell me the group was cancelled but they were meeting anyway. Concerned, I called to find out what was happening and she told me they were all at a Chinese restaurant and I didn't need to come get her.

Who are you and what did you do with my daughter?!

My daughter's diet is still terrible, but her cholesterol etc has improved. Must be all those walks. :-)

me: "You're running low on socks."

hub: "Thanks for that update from Socks News."

My experience dealing with SSI is leading me to a theory that the many rules/hoops are *not* designed to prevent abuse of the system, but designed to enable other people to make money off of disabled people.

We're listening to "Toddler" for the first time in many years, because my daughter heard "I've got you, babe" and remembered having heard it before, and we figured out it was from this. That's some memory.

This was one of my favorite.

I wonder if at some point I'll have been off Twitter long enough to not be bothered by twitter-infused romances.

@LynnSpencer Hey Lynn, I don't know if you'll see this but I've been catching up on the RWA thread at AAR and I'm very impressed with what you wrote. 👍

@lauravivanco thought you might find this interesting. it's from _the Lost books of Jane Austen_.

Yay, my daughter was awarded SSI benefits. This will make life so much easier. As long as they last, anyway. 🙄

Going to speak to a friend today about becoming a trustee for our daughter's special needs trust. I don't trust my family to approve her trans medical needs. 😡

I used to think the trust would become no longer necessary at some point, but despite her intelligence, she still needs so much support. I can't help but worry I effed it all up, somehow.

My husband is being the Bad Guy with my daughter so I can take a break from it. 😉

Very grateful my physical therapist could squeeze me in today.

I'm grateful for libraries, which provide me with so much bounty.

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