@VaVeros @keirasoleore @willaful Thanks so much - you are all so lovely!! We're fine - i think - it was just horrific and terrifying in the moment... the Fire Service kept sending out grim sms messages like 'it is too late to leave. You can not escape. Seek shelter from the approaching fire...' which for record did not help AT ALL! But no, we are all good and there has been some rain in the last couple of days - so everything is starting to get back to normal. Thank u all though! πŸ€— πŸ’› 🌻

@VaVeros sorry for the late reply, we only just got power and internet back this week. Hope everything is going ok at your end...

@VaVeros are you guys ok??? we have been trapped around the fires, it has been NUTS. I am currently on alert and stuck at my house- they have closed the highway for the last 3 days and no-one can get anywhere... hoping you are all alright! happy new year :/

@VaVeros a weekend of your amazeball recs: Penelope Janu in both In at the Deep End & On the Right Track (aussie, slightly over-angsty - BUT THE FEELINGS!!!) PLUS the rainbow-cupcake that was Beth O'Leary's Flat Share...? (practically perfect in every way)
Where can I go from here????
You have ruined me for at least a week. πŸ“– + πŸ’› = πŸ₯


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