You know, one of the best things about yesterday's news is that they won't test my blood sugars again for three months and the reading is an average of the previous 2 months. Which means I can enjoy the feasting of December without fear. ;)

My lovely nurse practitioner who phoned me with the results said she wished she got to make phone calls like this all day. She has been so helpful and supportive from the start.

My blood sugar levels have gone down from 58 in the summer (well above the diabetic level of 48) to 34 last week (well below even the prediabetic level of 42). So happy and so relieved. Blood pressure also low and stable, cholesterol down and everything else normal. I'm coming off a second blood pressure medication now (I already came off one) and the diabetes medication in a phased reduction over a couple of months. Next review in 3 months. All very, very good.

We are getting THREE Christmas made-for-TV films based on category romance novels this year in the UK and one of them is a SARAH MORGAN!!!! It's based on Prince On The Children's Ward, one of her St Piran's medicals and the film is called Christmas with a Prince.

I think I've read all Morgan's Presents/Moderns but not many of her medicals because reasons, but I shall make sure to read it now and then watch with glee.


This has literally never happened to me in my life. No one ever wants to give me jobs. Obviously, this happened at a time in my life where I am not looking for a job and I don't want this one. But still, nice to be wanted.

After having most of last week off, I really, really, really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I've been feeling restless all day today because of it.

(It's not that I don't like my job, it's that my boss is currently on sabbatical and there are some big, scary things that I wouldn't normally have responsibility for. Plus, my diary for November is crazy.)

Does anyone have a good romance rec for me? Historical or contemporary. Doesn't have to be a recent release!

Hey, did we all know it's @VaVeros's birthday?!!! BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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@ros That seems only fair, since they are the most interesting and adorable parts of my life.

@Sunita What I shall mostly be looking for from you are interesting links and updates on the Littlest Corgi (and other corgis).

Hey, look who's here, @Sunita! I just saw that you were deleting your twitter accounts permanently, but yay for mastodon!

Thing I would happily never read again in a romance novel: man who does not believe a woman who tells him she is a virgin.

Also: man who does not trust a woman until he finds out she is a virgin and then assumes she is completely trustworthy in all respects.

Weirdly, in the real world, having sex does not change anyone's personality or morality overnight.

Special bonus treat: heroine of the first book is the daughter of a late romance novelist, just embarking on her own career.

I don't know if I've mentioned it here but one of my favourite reads this year has been Dani Collins' Blue Spruce Lodge series. I've found myself returning to read it several times, especially the last of the three books.

I need something super comforting and escapist to read tonight. Suggestions?

Morning everyone! It's a grey, drizzly Sunday here, so I am not going to do my planned gardening until tomorrow. Instead, I think I might read a book or two. You?

No, YOU have been procrastinating on this for three days straight.*

*I lied. It's me.

Unpopular opinion of the day (too unpopular to tweet, so I am tooting it): how good a book cover is =/= how hot the guy depicted on it is. Cover art involves a lot more than just a set of well-toned abs.

And, for my money, it never needs to show the abs at all.

I am basically unconvinced that rules make for good social media. I would have a general 'Be excellent to each other' and then be pro-active in moderating where people aren't.

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