@keirasoleore when did you first notice that? I don't think anything has changed on the server recently...

The server has recently been inundated by bot registrations. None of them have posted anything yet, but they appear to fit the profile of spambots, and they all use the same email host in Palau.

I've blocked their email host so they can't re-register, and I'll delete their accounts over the next few days (it doesn't seem to be possible to delete them all en masse).

Please let me know if you get pestered by any account with "Bot" in its profile.

@fribbledom (highly unlikely this is the same problem your friend had, but it does suggest there might be problems with their security model.)

@fribbledom oddly enough, I sort of experienced this in reverse: someone managed to sign up for instagram with my email address, despite my never having confirmed it. later, when I signed up myself and confirmed my email address, it logged me into this other person's pre-existing account.

I had no way to contact them 'cause the only email address on file was my own. I changed the name and and password, deleted all their stuff, and moved on.

The server move will be happening tonight (US pacific time). I don't know the exact time, but sometime after 5 PM, which is 90 minutes from now as I write this. It should be down for about an hour, maybe two.

I will try to provide as much notice as I can when I know the exact time of the move.

Hi all - the server this mastodon instance runs on is being moved to a new location soon, probably tomorrow. It'll be down for a few hours. Sorry for inconvenience.

Quick update regarding passwords:

"12345" is commonly considered unsafe since 2012.

According to experts "1234567" will still be safe until 2023, at which point you should probably change all your passwords to "12345678".

@ros @keirasoleore well I'm not sure either, TBH, it might have been reported to the other Mastodon instance instead of to me.

@keirasoleore I'll block the pawoo instance site-wide.

I'm not exactly sure how it works because it hasn't come up before, but I think you can 'report' toots and then I get notified and there are actions I can take.

@VaVeros @willaful
(I don't usually jump into the conversations here but if you're talking Dalmatians, I gotta represent. :) )

@VaVeros @willaful
Sure lots of tension, but still comforting. When the children are in danger, the parents get busy and go save them. All of them. And every animal in the country helps. It's how the world is supposed to work. Super reassuring.

@lauravivanco @willaful @keirasoleore
Oh that's a really good point. Perhaps there should be some conversation here about what rules to put up before we proceed?

@willaful @keirasoleore @lauravivanco
I just thought it might be better to stick to friends and family until I've got the email issues resolved, backups running, etc. But we can do it now if you like.

@herhandsmyhands @willaful @ros the little "settings" icon at the upper right corner of the column, turn on "display all categories" and it'll show you an @.

or, in the current mode, just clicking the "mentions" tab might work too.

@cjewel oh I hadn't heard of that one. I'll look into it, thanks.

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