A friend's instagram account apparently got hacked, and their username, email and password changed.

Has anyone experienced this before? According to Instagram, the old email account should have received an email about that name/email change, which didn't seem to happen.

I can't make sense of how they managed to hack that account. Any pointers appreciated!

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@fribbledom oddly enough, I sort of experienced this in reverse: someone managed to sign up for instagram with my email address, despite my never having confirmed it. later, when I signed up myself and confirmed my email address, it logged me into this other person's pre-existing account.

I had no way to contact them 'cause the only email address on file was my own. I changed the name and and password, deleted all their stuff, and moved on.

@fribbledom (highly unlikely this is the same problem your friend had, but it does suggest there might be problems with their security model.)

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