My fave borrower yesterday: a young girl with her dad looking for a new series but she didn't want tension because tension scares her and she doesn't like being scared even if she gets teased about it.

My heart melted. I told her that it was ok to not like being scared and that I don't like scary books too. Her dad said he didn't like them either.

She left with a stash of Judy Moody books and Nancy Drew (which I told her had tension go figure!) ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

@VaVeros my husband's comfort book as a child was the hundred and one Dalmatians, so go figure indeed.

@willaful There is HUGE tension in that! This girl told me there was too much tension in Famous Five but that she really liked the old fashioned 50s story (thus the Nancy Drew complete with tension CW rec)

@VaVeros @willaful
Sure lots of tension, but still comforting. When the children are in danger, the parents get busy and go save them. All of them. And every animal in the country helps. It's how the world is supposed to work. Super reassuring.


@VaVeros @willaful
(I don't usually jump into the conversations here but if you're talking Dalmatians, I gotta represent. :) )

@mom @VaVeros @willaful Gotta second @mom's sentiment/reasoning here--it's hugely reassuring.

@herhandsmyhands @mom @willaful What is sweet is that the young girl told me that she would make her mum read the next line for her. That reassurance again!

PS Sorry for the late response. It has been a very busy week!

@mom I feel honoured that I got a chat with @mom! I will definitely drop dalmations into my conversations from now on! 😊 @willaful

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