@keirasoleore @lauravivanco @mom We can advertise it for other mastodon users, but @mom was against that for some reason, at the moment.

@willaful @keirasoleore @lauravivanco
I just thought it might be better to stick to friends and family until I've got the email issues resolved, backups running, etc. But we can do it now if you like.

@mom @willaful @keirasoleore Does this instance have formal rules yet about what is/isn't allowed? I haven't seen any, and I imagine it would be best to have them very visible before any new people turn up and potentially change the atmosphere in ways you wouldn't want. On the other hand, I suppose you have the power to ban anyone at any time?


@lauravivanco @willaful @keirasoleore
Oh that's a really good point. Perhaps there should be some conversation here about what rules to put up before we proceed?

@mom @lauravivanco @willaful @keirasoleore I like all of these ideas. I am also over at mastodon social but with a different name but I didn't get involved in any discussions.

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