Thanks to @VaVeros who had the idea to add a Like button to my blog posts, I have now hand-coded a Like button for my posts. In the grand scheme of things, it is a negligible set of lines of code, but it makes me feel accomplished. I have fiddled with my blog code over the years, so it in no way matches one their standard templates, so it took a bit to work.

On some days, I wonder why I ever blog. There are visitors, most definitely, but no one comments. It is like shouting into the void, and it is disheartening. Some bloggers always get comments no matter what they write, and some, like me, rarely, and these days, never. Sometimes I do wonder that if I stopped, no one would even miss it, and that is just sad. Then I remind myself that I blog because I enjoy it, which is a very valid reason to blog. You just wish people would comment...

Two years ago, I had a marvelous conversation with the lovely Jennifer Kloester, Georgette Heyer’s official biographer, for USA Today HEA. I am delighted that the podcast Heyer Today by Fable Gazers is featuring that interview on their blog now.

Bought my first real standalone desk and chair. I am so excited. It should arrive on the 27th and be assembled on the 28th. Got a good deal thanks to Presidents Day Sale.

One round of antibiotics down. No change in facial/sinus pain and rattling cough. Another round starting today.

@willaful I think you were planning on going to LA this week, weren't you?

Watching the Oscars Red Carpet and tweeting hysterically.

I am doing so much reading of Maria Popova's work at Brain Pickings. Anyone else read her? I am utterly fascinated by the way her mind works and the vast amount of knowledge she has amassed and luckily conveys in digestible bites.

I have read this article many times now, and without fail, it moves me to tears. How can I dream if even a Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist faces the same struggles?

"A woman's greatest enemy? A lack of time to herself." by Brigid Schulte

@VaVeros Have I shared this with you?

Nighttime sounds in our house last night weren't the usual soft creaking of the settling house, but rather hacking coughs from various rooms.

Does anyone know how you can clear the Direct Messages column of old DMs?

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