When I Googled my name today, I discovered that individual posts from Mastodon are being indexed by Google for their Search. For examples, one is an original post and the other is a reply.

I was looking through my spreadsheet at my book acquisitions this year, and there are quite a few. In recent years, my acquisition was less than ten books a year. So far this year, I have spent a whopping $286. Ouch!!

My July Reading... in which I read Mary Burchell, Betty Neels, Carla Kelly, Oliver Sacks, Rumi, a brilliant book by and about a woman from a zenana in British India, and an assortment of romance novels. keirasoleore.blogspot.com/2019

Our new fridge is here. I am so excited! For months now, I've been having problems with the door not closing properly, and for some weeks, we've had to tape the door shut. Sigh! Now, I have a brand new fridge with a working door.

I have a question about Audible books. Is it possible to download an Audible book to a computer and then transfer it to an MP3 player?

Is anyone else having trouble with WordPress on Microsoft IE/Edge? It is so slow and buggy and a big nuisance.

@MissBates Kay, which political book by Emma Barry was your favorite? Thanks..

Are any of you looking at this Mastodon instance on your iPhones?

@ros While buying a well-rated Betty Neels, I accidentally bought a non-nurse book and it was going well till half-way point, at which point she turned from capable to helpless. Sigh. I still finished it because I wanted to see if the heroine does recover her backbone. Nope.

@willaful Are you inviting other people from Twitter here? Just curious where you see this going.

@VaVeros Just read your latest blog. I wanted to know that I commented, in case, you don't get notifications when people comment on your blog.

Romancelandia here is pretty low-key whenever I visit, so this time I skipped a couple of days. And y'all talked and talked and talked, and now I'm having a hard time catching up. Yay, conversations!

My June Reading was a collection of old contemporaries, traditional Regencies, nonfiction, poetry & children's picture books. My glom this month was Mary Burchell & Betty Neels w/ detailed reviews and an analysis & comparison of the two: keirasoleore.blogspot.com/2019

As is the nature of crises, there's progress and there's regress. Today is a regress. And the end is not in sight.

@MissBates Kay, do you have any Betty Neels recs for me given how much I like Mary Burchell's Warrender Saga? I've read Tulips for Augusta and Tabitha in Moonlight that you recommended. I was searching online and found Visiting Consultant. What do you think of that one? Any other recs? Thanks much.

Just ordered my indoor summer sign. Today's gorgeous weather and the following week's promising weather reminded me that summer may at last be visiting us in the Pacific Northwest.

Reading Warrender #6 (Music of the Heart) by Mary Burchell.

Next book queued up is Burchell's Warrender Saga #5. After many years of single titles, I'm doing a glom of a series, and it's been fascinating to see how, despite an identifiable writing style, Burchell's stories are so different across the series so far.

Read Mary Burchell's first Warrender Saga book yesterday. I now have #2 and #4 lined up. Don't plan on reading #3.

Reading "Margarita and the Earl" by Joan Wolf, a 2014 traditional Regency.

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