Nice to see familiar faces here! I haven't logged on in almost 3 years but, happily, my password still works. I remember finding the interface confusing last time I tried this - I don't know if there have been any changes since then

Oh my gosh, another library ebook just became available. When it rains, it pours!

I now have Deborah Harkness' Time's Convert, Penny Reid's Beard Science and CS Harris' What Angels Fear, the first in the Sebastian St Cyr Mystery series.

Checked out a print book from the library today which apparently reminded the Overdrive gods I have been waiting patiently on them. Less than three hours after checking out the book, I got notified that an ebook I'd been waiting for 3 months for and another I'd been waiting on for a month were both now available. So, I went from no library books to 3 in the space of one afternoon!

I'm happy to see more people are finding Romancelandia,club and, even better, a lot of them are using their twitter handles and/or avatars so I actually recognize them!

Hi fellow denizens of Romancelandia! I'm new to Mastodon so am still trying to figure out it all out.


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