: the tornado watch passed us by with no reported damage and no extensions.

@willaful There's a Quarenteeny Art Competition on instagram:


Entries by one of my favorite miniaturists who is still blogging:

Damn, @VaVeros, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are in Australia, in hospital; both were tested and had positive results for COVID19--take care of yourself and your family ::hug::

::waving to @VaVeros :: Remember when I introduced you to Bob Ross? One of your fellow Aussies, and a miniaturist I follow in youtube just did a diorama based on a Bob Ross painting!

This is a longish video of a miniaturist making a kitchen/living space in 1:16 scale. I love the loving attention to detail, from the working exhaust fan to the fridge, the toaster oven, etc.

I have given up on the Oscars for many reasons, but this is up for an award tonight, and it's very much worth watching, if you haven't yet.

(or if you have, actually)

I'm happy you don't have to drive in the rain, and happy for the rain (may it help everyone), but yikes for leaks.

Fingers crossed for as smooth a process as possible.

Sending you are my best wishes for a healthy, safe and prosperous 2020. May you find joy every hour, and peace every day.

Feliz año nuevo, romancelandia club!

For whoever is in need of recommendations: I am reading all sort of accolades for Rainbow Islands by Devin Harnois for queer/queer curious tween/teens

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