I have determined that one of the "plants" growing with the cantaloupe is some kind of sunflower. I will leave it. Also I think the turkeys have been at the butternut squash

crazy times. Too busy times. Just rushing around doing stuff too fast. I hope everyone is well.

Good morning from NorCal everyone. I hope you're well

Good morning from NorCal. It's foggy here. How is everyone? I hop[e you're well.

I made amazing pasta. I gotta stop winging it and write down what I do. Pear (ripe, chopped small and sauteed with fresh basil) Aleppo pepper, lemon zest, parm. unsalted butter, olive oil. One large farm fresh tomato parpboiled, skin removed, sieved into pan.

Good morning. I hope everyone is well. I started reading Anna Zabo's Reverb and it's pretty good so far!

I think I can’t be on that other site. I’m so depressed right now. In happy news one of the garage cats has discovered she likes being petted. I found a kitty basket and a blanket for her and she loves it. I think we can get her in the house. Be nice to get her to the vet.

Good morning. The macaw is chewing on broccoli.

Plus I charge for expenses. But I'm good at my work.

I have a toy on Freddie's stand where I can hide nuts for him. I enjoy watching him decide he wants a nut. And I feel bad if I didn't hide any.

I looked out my window and there was the old crippled sheep. On the house side of the fence. So I led the sheep to the gate and she was pretty happy to be back with her buddies.

My cantaloupe seeds have sprouted. I feel like god.

Good morning from NorCal! I have delicious coffee and it's overcast. Plus I planted cantaloupe the other day and they are sprouting!

It's the weekend. Tomorrow I'm getting a massage. That is good news. I hope everyone is well.

Good morning. That's all I have on this sad day.

Good morning. I think I'm finally recovered from jet lag. I have a lot of writing to do.

Good morning from nyc.!! I am sitting next to Serissia Glass so things are awesome.

Am on my way to the airport. It’s so eating here. Greetings from NorCal.

The dog understands what the suitcase means. She is looking at me with worried puppy eyes.

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