I finally submitted my introduction. I know there will be revisions, but I am free for the night! Now do I write up a rare blog post or do I watch HIMYM in self-congratulations?!

I finished Penelope Janu's On the Right Track. I'm not a fan of horse racing or rural romance but I will read anything by Janu. The hero Tor is a UN diplomat investigating a 25 year old gambling crime that may have been committed by heroine Golden's deceased dad and grandad. There was an overriding sadness in this book especially with Golden's complex mum who had rejected Golden at birth leaving her to be raised by her paternal grandfather. There is a lot of love in this serious romance 4.5⭐

I am feeling just a tad overwhelmed. I am editing my introduction chapter (3rd draft and nowhere near final draft) and 5 hours later I am only on page 3/10. This slow pace is making me anxious as to meeting my due date of May :(

I have sent off two difficult emails today. I have one more to go. But I might just wait until Friday to do it.

I have a rare night at home, alone. My neighbour is having a party and I can hear everyone clearly. Which makes me wonder how clearly my neighbour would hear every shouty mum arguments I have with my sons.

I can just imagine her thinking "oh no..there she goes again with the 'emotional labour' guilt'" 😫

There is a job being advertised for a school librarian but because it is for a private school, they have called the position "Inquiry Learning Integrator". 🙄 Also pinging @SuperWendy

(tooting a tweet because I think Willa should know)

I had a singing bus driver tonight and she was singing Electric Dreams and I accidently joined in. Not awkward for the rest of the passengers 😁

I'm reading Penelope Janu's On the Right Track. I loved her first book, the third book was OK but I have been avoiding this one because it is about horse racing and it looks like a rural romance. 5 chapters in and I am already happy I delved into it.

Son1 accidently arranged a date at the same time as his football team is playing. He chose to go on the date. I was all "awwwww".

He came home a bit grumpy. His team won, the tivo was great, and he couldn't focus on the date because, you know, his true love is footy and he was missing out.

That poor girl. She had no chance.

I went to the movies last night and saw Gurinder Chadha's Blinded by the Light and I fell in further in love with Springsteen. A beautiful movie (even the well-delivered schmaltz) that brought tears to my eyes. I watched it w my BFs from HS (nostalgia!). In '85, she & 2 other friends asked if I would skip class to go to his hotel. I was a chickenshit & didn't go. They met him, got his autograph, chatted & didn't even get in trouble for truanting when they were broadcast on all the evening news.

I am revising an article. I added 1.2K words but now I have to delete 1K words.


I finished reading Anne Youngson's Meet Me at the Museum. As much as I liked the epistolary style, I became bored, and then more bored. I kept on reading but when I got half way through I ended up shallow reading to the end. *sigh*

Another reason I no longer want to be a Sunday librarian: as much as I like my sons going out, I still fret until they get home. Tonight they were both in by 3am and yet I still can't go to sleep. I will be a sleepless mess at work today. I have to leave in 4 hours. I'd rather be sleeping in 😭 😭

Helloooooo @SandraAntonelli I am so happy you have joined us here 😊

The frustrating thing about being on an official break from uni is that I have lost access to my study desk. This means that when I go to the library, I have to pack all my things up and taking them with me when I go to the toilet. This is not conducive to any kind of writing flow.


I'm sure everyone wrote about the ending back 15 years ago but I was busy watching Thomas the Tank Engine with my then baby boys to have read any of the commentary Show more

It only took me 25 years but I finally watched the last 2 seasons of FRIENDS. It had some very funny moments, but I hated the Rachel/Joey storyline and then ultimately grumbled about the Ross/Rachel ending too. But overall, it made me feel warm and squishy nostalgic about the 90s and 00s.

It only took me 10 years to get around to it, but I just watched The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and so shoot me, it may have been problematic and all but I really enjoyed it. Especially Emma Stone.

I have 8 cousins visitors from the UK in my home for 5 days. 12 people and 2 doggies in a small(wish) 1 bathroom home has its challenges! Good thing they are fave cousins!

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